Spike Barrier surface mount


The barrier would be installed at a higher security entrance/exit used by vehicles in conjunction with the automatic vehicle barrier, It is renowned for the ability of handling a high flow of traffic.


The housing is manufactured from mild steel or stainless steel 3Cr12, epoxy powder coated. Different colours are available on request. The mechanism is situated inside the barrier housing, which is easily accessed trough the lockable door and the screw-off lid.
The spikes cast in tray is manufactured from mild steel, hot dip galvanised and needs to be set into a concrete base. The spikes can be made of mild steel or stainless steel brushed finish. The mechanisms of the barrier pole and the spikes are interlinked and will open and close simultaneously. Two motors are available on request, one for the spikes and one for the pole. This barrier protects traffic in both directions.
Power: 220v AC 50Hz


Robust precision mechanism with block bearings is fitted with a 220V torque geared motor for reliable operation and secure locking of the spikes in the closed position. The motor and gearbox are enclosed in the same housing and are maintenance free.


The logics incorporate one loop Detectors, additional Loop Detectors available on request.


The barrier housing will be built into the ground with the industrial grating level with the road
Dimensions: on application


  • Transit facilities
  • Industrial facilities
  • Corporate facilities
  • Government facilities
  • Military facilities
  • Residentail complex