Double full height turnstile


Unmanned entrance with a high degree of security. Weather resistant, robust construction of outdoor installations. Rugged construction, trouble free operation and a simple mechanism make this product range suitable for many fields of application. This product range can be integrated with keypads, code locks, card readers, biometric devices and other access control systems.


  • 100% duty cycle
  • Enter and exit through both rotors
  • Frame work, and rotors made from stainless steel or mild steel.
  • Hinged mechanism cover for ease of access to the  working parts.
  • Unique optic sensor array (patent pending) instead of micro switches.
  • Bottom shafts made from stainless steel, with the bottom bearing housed inside the rotor pipe.
  • Key override for both directions for each rotor.
  • Surge protection on main control board.
  • Test points with LED indicators.
  • Supply 220v AC 50Hz.


  • Hand operated walk trough.
  • Smooth operation.
  • Safety configurations for power failure or emergency situations.
  • Normally closed N/C or Normally open N/O mode.


  • Transit facilities
  • Industrial facilities
  • Sports facilities
  • Educational facilities
  • Government facilities
  • Military facilities